The Daily Growl Announces Top 10 Halloween Safeguards for Pets

Millions of Pets Are Exposed to Threats and Dangers During the Holidays.

Los Angeles, CA, September 29, 2019 –(– The Daily Growl, a pet care informational Facebook page with more than 1.5 million fans, announced today an important Top 10 Halloween Safeguard Tip List for Pets and Pet Parents. Each year, pets are exposed to real threats and household dangers during the holiday season that can be drastically reduced with knowledgeable pet-parenting skills.

1. Purchase reflective collars and leashes. This helps drivers and visitors see pets during the dim and late night hours.

2. The Door Bell – Dogs especially respond to this sound with excitement and at times aggression. Comfortably place your dog in the back of the house, with soft music and a cozy bed.

3. Cats also need an environment free of noise – Place them within a comfortable room, dim-light with soft music. Provide their pet bed for use.

4. Halloween decorations both inside and outside the home are free rein and can appear as toys to pets. Tack down all wires and use decorations without any hanging objects such as ribbons or strings.

5. Keep all candy out of reach from your pets at all times. Seek immediate veterinary care if your pets (especially dogs) accidentally ingest chocolate.

6. ID tags are very important – Check that your pet tags are up-to-date and securely attached to their pet collar.

7. Most pets consider the “Second Dining Room” as the trash can area. Make sure all trash can lids are securely tightened.

8. The Halloween fruit punch bowl is also off limits for our furry family friends.

9. Secure all entry and exit doors, backyard fences and other access points to your home.

10. Update your pet emergency list of telephone numbers – This should include your veterinarian, local animal shelter, microchip information and poison control telephone numbers.

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