Jackson County, Colorado Successfully Live with Landmark, Official Records Management System from Pioneer Technology Group

Pioneer Technology Group brings Jackson County online with its new state-of-the-art records system, Landmark.

Jackson County, CO, September 29, 2019 –(PR.com)– Landmark’s launch in Jackson County, CO introduces newfound functionality to Jackson County’s recorders and residents. New tools allow for more streamlined workflow configurations and accessibility thanks to Pioneer’s Landmark Web. Residents and public searchers now have access to more advanced tools as well as the ability to access all documents online through a subscription service in real time.

Prior to Landmark’s introduction, the County’s recorders would handle documents by manually printing and typing them into their system. Now recorders can seamlessly index documents as they are scanned into Landmark Web, allowing for the Recorder’s Office to immediately return documents to the customer without having to wait for the completion of their old manual process. Landmark Web’s accessibility to all residents was a key draw for Jackson County as it provides residents with the ability to print unwatermarked documents, effectively eliminating the long drive customers had to take into the County before they’d be able to print official records. The increased accessibility Landmark now provides, has risen office productivity and customer satisfaction across the board.

Hayle Johnson, the Clerk Recorder of Jackson County had the following to say: “The PTG team has been great to work with. Celine and Katherine were so pleasant, and knowledgeable about the system. Their willingness to adapt to the needs of our County are appreciated.” Peter Duffy of Pioneer Technology Group further added: “Jackson County has successfully taken the steps necessary to revitalize their records system and we look forward to seeing them grow alongside Pioneer.

Jackson County is an example of the perfect utilization of the Electronic Recording Technology Board funding. A small county now using a state-of-the-art recording software system bringing capabilities that they did not have with their previous system. Landmark’s capabilities include integrated OCR, redaction tools, user-friendly screens/workflows, the option of automated indexing, online public access, and built-in revenue generation tools. The County now enjoys increased eRecording submissions, bulk scanning, multi-title document processing, eCommerce, and real-time web services for all exports and data exchanges.

About Pioneer Technology Group

Pioneer Technology Group (Pioneer) is a leading developer of software solutions and services to Governments and the private sector. The company is headquartered in Sanford, Florida. Offerings include: Benchmark, a court case management system, the Landmark official records system, the YourDox title document system, and tax processing systems for counties and municipalities. Pioneer also provides content management systems and a scanning services bureau for transitioning paper to digital images through its subsidiary, Pioneer Records Management which just recently opened a new location in Yadkinville, NC.

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