Franchise Brokers Association Announces Exclusive Partnership With Franchise Grade

FBA Members Now Have Exclusive Access to Quality Franchise Data Through Franchise Grade

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updated: Sep 30, 2019 13:22 EDT

​​​​​​​Franchise Brokers Association (FBA) is proud to announce an official partnership with Franchise Grade, the number one authority on franchise system information. As a data research company, Franchise Grade is designed to deliver detailed franchise information to help brokers and the prospective franchisees they work with make an informed buying decision.

“At FBA, our focus is to sell good franchises,” said Franchise Brokers Association CEO Sabrina Wall. “When we decided to partner with Franchise Grade, it was with that focus in mind. This is a company which is very much aligned with what we are trying to do.”

Franchise Grade takes a deep dive into franchise data in order to produce honest, unbiased franchise evaluations. Potential franchisees are then more confident in their buying decision when seeking healthy franchise investments with the assistance of their FBA broker.

“We want to not only educate our brokers so that they know what a good franchise is, but we also want our brokers to educate prospective franchisees they work with,” said Wall. “We believe through that effort, franchising as a whole will improve. This is because franchises will be held accountable, and prospective franchisees will be educated in the sales process. Partnering with Franchise Grade gives us a giant step forward in being able to achieve that.”

Annual data is analyzed by running thousands of franchise disclosure documents through a scoring system, which ultimately assigns each franchise a grade. Over 2,500 franchise systems are indexed in the system and ready to review.

“The results that come back are really informative because they not only tell you the franchises grade but they tell you the details behind it,” said Wall.

“You can imagine that prospective franchisees really like that insight and want to know how well a franchise is doing. Franchise Grade gives that clarity.”

When Wall began working with Franchise Grade prior to the partnership, she was amazed by the detailed scoring system they openly shared.

“They actually let me see how they grade these franchises, and I was blown away,” Wall said. “I could not believe that they did such an extensive job in rating them.”

FBA chose to partner with Franchise Grade with confidence, knowing that many organizations claim to assess franchises, however, focus more on marketing tactics rather than pure performance analysis. Unworthy scoring tactics often include lists of top franchises purely based on sales numbers or based on advertising spend.

“That’s not a strong scoring method in our opinion,” said Wall. “When I saw what Franchise Grade was doing – actually taking the time to go through a true scoring system – I was so excited because we could use this tool to quickly get reliable information.”

FBA knows that it is vital that both brokers and buyers have a complete picture. Using tools like Franchise Grade allows that transparency.

“If the prospective franchisee only has a piece of the picture, it’s not enough to make a good decision, and it ends up falling apart later because they didn’t realize what they were getting into,” said Wall. “We want to show them the whole picture from the beginning, and Franchise Grade helps us do that.”

Combined with the fluidity of education through the Franchise Training Institute, internal lead management tools and the FBA Annual Conference, FBA has all the tools in place for clear and truthful guidance for brokers, franchisors and franchisees. 

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