Steve Rydell and Bobby Schmittou’s Newly Released ‘Reasons to Rejoice’ is a Heartfelt Retelling of a Life That Has Been Meaningful and Moving Despite Challenges

‘Reasons to Rejoice’ from Christian Faith Publishing authors Steve Rydell and Bobby Schmittou is an inspiring narrative that traces one’s life experiences, from childhood to present, that are filled with meaning and that have become relevant to how they became the men that they are today.

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updated: Oct 1, 2019 03:00 EDT

“Reasons to Rejoice”: a highly stirring account that shares the life of an individual in recollections of his childhood, coming-of-age, and adolescence while also sharing the role that faith played in these moments. “Reasons to Rejoice” is the creation of published authors Steve Rydell and Bobby Schmittou, a pair of friends who teamed up to share their life-changing stories. Rydell has worked as a certified public accountant (CPA), a business broker, a commercial realtor, and several others, even as a bouncer at a nightclub. He traces his life as it ties to the religion he was brought up in—the Church of Christ.

Rydell shares, “My intent in writing this book is to trace my life experiences as they relate to my spiritual life. Beginning with my childhood, and on up through the present day, I will share stories I believe are meaningful, miraculous, and just plain fun. I’ve been blessed with so many good friends and family members over the years; it is hard to select just a handful of stories to share, but I think we have gathered enough to hit the high points of my life.

One of my closest friends is Bobby Schmittou. He and I have teamed up to share the stories that have meant the most to both of us. Most of my memories are straightforward recollections of my childhood friends, my family, and my business dealings. Others, however, are simply out of this world. Bobby will share a few amazing stories about the September 11 tragedy that showed him where God was on the fateful day. Since inspirational movies have changed the way Bobby sees God and the goodness in people, get ready for his top list of films.

My hope is you will find Bobby’s stories and these miraculous events captivating and inspirational. Both, however, are important moments that have made up our lives.

I will also convey my reflections on one Christian denomination the Church of Christ. Having grown up in a Church of Christ-sponsored orphan home, I have firsthand knowledge of the church and denomination that has stood with me for a long time. I sincerely hope you enjoy this read.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Steve Rydell and Bobby Schmittou’s new book is a captivating read that aims to inspire, to give hope, and to move people into a deeper relationship with God through pages that reflect one’s life stories and miracle encounters.

View a synopsis of “Reasons to Rejoice” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “Reasons to Rejoice” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Reasons to Rejoice”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

Source: Christian Faith Publishing

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