Remarks by Secretary of the Treasury Janet L. Yellen at Bin Yousef High School Recovery Site in Marrakech, Morocco

As Delivered

I want to thank the Minister, and local, and school officials for inviting me to visit this very impressive school. And, to see all that is being done to quickly ensure that students in areas so badly affected by the earthquake are able to continue their education. 

This is an incredibly impressive effort, affecting over ninety-five percent of students who are in schools in areas that have suffered extreme damage and it shows the importance that Morocco attaches to education, and an understanding of the importance of education in economic development. It really is a testament to see all that’s been done, and so quickly, through the resilience of the Moroccan people in being able to adjust so quickly and adapt after an unspeakable tragedy. 

I want to say that the hearts of the American people go out to our friends in Morocco. We send our condolences and are grieving for your loss. And we stand ready to help in any way that is helpful as you go about these rebuilding efforts.

In the midst of all Morocco has suffered, it really is a testament to the resilience of this community that you are able to host in the gathering as large as the international meetings of the IMF and World Bank that are taking place here this week. We are very grateful that you’re able to host us, it’s something we’ve been looking forward to for a number of years, but please know that as we meet this week, first and foremost in our minds and our hearts will be all that Morocco has suffered. Our best wishes and support that goes out to the Moroccan people and the importance that we attach as we discuss the work of international institutions to stand ready to help Morocco and other countries that can be affected by such severe shocks.

So, thank you again. This is such an impressive effort, and really shows the values that Morocco stands for, and the resilience that you have as a community. Thank you.


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