READOUT: Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian Nelson’s Travel to Japan

TOKYO – On March 13 and 14, Under Secretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Brian E. Nelson held meetings in Tokyo, Japan to continue close coordination between the two G7 allies on pressing national security issues, including countering Russian attempts to evade multilateral sanctions and export controls particularly through third countries; protecting maritime shipping from illegal, dangerous, and destabilizing Houthi attacks; and on cyber threats and ransomware.

While in Tokyo, Under Secretary Nelson met with senior government officials including Ministry of Finance Vice Minister for International Affairs Masato Kanda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Senior Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Keiichi Ono, Bank of Japan Deputy Governor Ryozo Himino, and Financial Services Agency Vice Minister for International Affairs Shigeru Ariizumi. The United States has worked closely with Japan both bilaterally and via multilateral groups, including the Financial Action Task Force and the G7, to prevent terrorists, money launderers, and other illicit actors from accessing the international financial system, and to counter sanctions evasion from actors like Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The Under Secretary also met with private sector representatives from banks and multinational companies to discuss geopolitical issues and ways that the private sector and governments can work together to detect and prevent illicit finance.


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