READOUT: Deputy Secretary Adeyemo’s Meeting with Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Iryna Mudra

KYIV – Today, Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo met with Deputy Head of the Presidential Office of Ukraine Iryna Mudra during his travel to Kyiv. Deputy Secretary Adeyemo commended Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Mudra for her work to develop an international compensation mechanism to hold Russia accountable for its war against Ukraine and they discussed ongoing efforts to unlock the value of immobilized Russian sovereign assets (RSA) to support Ukraine. The Deputy Secretary also commended the Government of Ukraine for its management of the economy amidst extreme uncertainty while maintaining reform momentum to improve governance, strengthen anti-corruption institutions, and enhance revenue collection. Deputy Secretary Adeyemo highlighted Treasury’s priority efforts to reduce Russian revenue and disrupt Russian procurement of priority goods needed to support its defense industrial base.

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