FTC Videos Advise What to Do if Your Email is Hacked or Malware Attacks Your Computer

Your email has been hacked – what do you do? Your computer has been hijacked by malware – how do you get it back? Whether you’re unsure or you’re the person your friends always turn to with these kinds of questions, the Federal Trade Commission has created two videos, in English and Spanish, to help. […]

Operator of Deceptive “Scareware” Scheme Will Pay More than $8 Million to Settle FTC Charges

An operator of an online “scareware” scheme will pay more than $8 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that he used deceptive ads to trick consumers into thinking their computers were infected with malicious software, and then sold them software to “fix” their non-existent problem. As part of the FTC’s ongoing efforts to protect […]

Spyware Seller Settles FTC Charges; Order Bars Marketing of Keylogger Software for Illegal Uses

The Federal Trade Commission has put the brakes on the business practices of an operation that was selling spyware and showing customers how to remotely install it on other people’s computers without their knowledge or consent. The FTC is announcing a settlement that bars the sellers of the “RemoteSpy” keylogger from advertising that the spyware […]