FTC Concludes that Impax Entered into Illegal Pay-for-Delay Agreement

The Federal Trade Commission announced its Opinion and Final Order against generic pharmaceutical company Impax Laboratories LLC. The Commission ruled that Impax engaged in an illegal pay-for-delay, or “reverse payment,” settlement to block consumers’ access to a lower-cost generic version of Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s branded extended-release opioid pain reliever Opana ER. In its Opinion, written […]

FTC Study: In FY 2012, Branded Drug Firms Significantly Increased theUse of Potential Pay-for-Delay Settlements to Keep Generic Competitors off the Market

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2012, the number of potentially anticompetitive patent dispute settlements between branded and generic drug companies increased significantly compared with FY 2011, jumping from 28 to 40, according to a new Federal Trade Commission staff report.  The study also found that in nearly half of these settlements, branded firms may have used […]