FTC Staff Provides Comment and Testimony Opposing Proposed Cooperative Agreement and Merger of Hospital Systems in Southwest Virginia

At a public hearing in Abingdon, Virginia, held today, FTC staff presented oral remarks to the Southwest Virginia Health Authority and the Virginia Department of Health summarizing staff’s analyses and conclusions that the cooperative agreement application submitted by Mountain States Health Alliance (Mountain States) and Wellmont Health System (Wellmont) should be denied. If approved, the […]

FTC Staff: Proposed Health Care Legislation in West Virginia Would Likely Be Anticompetitive and Harm Consumers

Federal Trade Commission staff submitted written comments on the competitive impact of provisions in proposed legislation in West Virginia that would provide for  “cooperative agreements” between health care providers, and provisions purporting to confer “exemptions” from federal antitrust laws on certain health care providers. The comments are in response to a request from West Virginia […]

Federal Antitrust Agencies Submit Joint Statement Encouraging Massachusetts to Consider Expanding Treatment Options for Glaucoma Patients

In response to a request by Massachusetts State Representative Bradley H. Jones, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division have submitted a statement encouraging the Massachusetts legislature to consider expanding the services that optometrists can provide to glaucoma patients. Specifically, Representative Jones asked the agencies for views on the possible competitive […]

FTC Staff: West Virginia Should Consider the Competitive Impact of Legislation Affecting Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Federal Trade Commission staff submitted written comments on the competitive impact of a legislative proposal to modify the supervision requirements imposed on Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) in West Virginia, permitting some APRNs, under limited conditions, to write prescriptions without a formal agreement with a particular supervising physician. The Bill would also place the regulation […]

FTC Staff Paper: State Legislators Should Carefully Evaluate Proposals to Limit Advanced Practice Registered Nurses’ Scope of Practice

Federal Trade Commission staff has issued a policy paper suggesting that state legislators should be cautious when evaluating proposals to limit the scope of practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). By limiting the range of services APRNs may provide and the extent to which they can practice independently, such proposals may reduce competition that […]