Scammers Banned from Telemarketing, Selling Weight-Loss Products

The defendants in a scheme that charged Spanish-speaking consumers for unordered or defective products and made it costly or practically impossible for them to get their money back are banned from telemarketing and selling weight-loss products under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. “The FTC is on the lookout for scams that rip off […]

FTC Stops Scammers Who Targeted Spanish-speaking Consumers and Sent Unwanted or Defective Products and Then Refused to Return Consumers’ Money

At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal judge has temporarily halted and frozen the assets of an operation that swindled Spanish-speaking consumers across the country by routinely sending unordered or defective products, including a phony weight-loss belt, and then making it difficult, impossible, or costly for consumers to obtain relief. The FTC seeks to […]