FTC Wins Key Ruling Allowing Agency to Continue Efforts to Hold Operator of Deceptive Computer Financing Scheme Accountable

At the request of the Federal Trade Commission, a federal bankruptcy court ruled that the operator of a computer-financing scheme cannot use a bankruptcy filing to shield himself from complying with a contempt order requiring him to pay $13.4 million for violating a 2008 FTC order. A federal court in 2016 found BlueHippo Funding LLC, BlueHippo […]

FTC Obtains Court Orders Banning Marketer from Negative-Option Sales

The ringleader of an operation that lured people into an expensive negative-option scam using a low-cost “trial” offer for tooth whiteners and other products is banned from negative-option sales under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The settlement order is one of three orders resolving FTC charges against Blair McNea, Jennifer Johnson, Danielle Foss […]

FTC Charges Online Marketing Scheme with Deceiving Shoppers

The Federal Trade Commission has charged an online marketing operation with deceptively luring people into an expensive negative option scam using an initial low-cost ($1.03, plus shipping and handling) “trial” offer for tooth whiteners and other products. A federal court temporarily halted the operation and froze its assets at the request of the FTC, which […]