FTC Amends Telemarketing Rule to Ban Payment Methods Used by Scammers

Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved final amendments to its Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR), including a change that will help protect consumers from fraud by prohibiting four discrete types of payment methods favored by con artists and scammers. “Con artists like payments that are tough to trace and hard for […]

Two Defendants in Cross-Border Telemarketing Scheme Settle FTC Charges

Two defendants who participated in an alleged multi-million dollar telemarketing fraud that targeted U.S. seniors and withdrew money from their accounts without authorization have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges. The settlement orders bar them from using remotely created checks drawn on consumers’ bank accounts, require them to obtain consumers’ consent before debiting their […]

FTC Action Leads to Arrest Warrant for ‘Cash Grant Institute’ Robocaller Who Ignored Court Order to Pay More Than $20 Million in Penalties

In a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission, a federal judge ordered the arrest and incarceration of Paul Navestad, known legally as Paul Richard Jones, for violating a court order requiring him to pay more than $20 million for his role in a phony government grant scheme. The court had ordered Navestad to pay […]

FTC Settlement Bans Telemarketers from Selling Healthcare-Related Products

Telemarketers who allegedly tricked consumers into buying purported health insurance are permanently banned from selling healthcare-related products under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.  The case is part of the FTC’s ongoing efforts to crack down on fraudsters who prey on vulnerable consumers seeking health insurance, including the uninsured, the unemployed, and those with […]