FTC Stops Deceptive Health Claims by a Stem Cell Therapy Clinic

A California-based physician and the two companies he controls have settled charges of deceptively advertising that “amniotic stem cell therapy” can treat serious diseases, including Parkinson’s disease, autism, macular degeneration, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and heart attacks. The settlement prohibits the defendants from making these and other health claims in the future unless the claims […]

New York-based Supplement Seller Barred from False and Unsupported Health Claims

A company and its CEO who allegedly advertised and sold two “anti-aging” products using false or unsubstantiated claims have agreed to stop making the claims under a Federal Trade Commission settlement order. The FTC charged Telomerase Activation Sciences, Inc. and Noel Patton (collectively, TA Sciences) with lacking the scientific evidence to support claims that their […]

FTC Approves Final Order Prohibiting “Ultimeyes” Manufacturer from Making Deceptive Claims that the App Can Improve Users’ Vision

Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final consent order with Carrot Neurotechnology, Inc. and its co-owners, requiring them to stop making deceptive claims that their “Ultimeyes” app can improve users’ vision. According to the FTC’s complaint, ads for Ultimeyes falsely stated that the app would “Turn Back The Clock […]

FTC Brings Action to Stop Marketer from Making Deceptive Opiate Addiction and Withdrawal Treatment Claims

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit in federal court to stop a dietary supplement marketer from making misleading claims that its product can help treat and even cure people who are addicted to opiates, including prescription pain medications and illegal drugs such as heroin. Also today, the FTC announced two partial settlements against marketers […]

Marketer Who Promoted a Green Coffee Bean Weight-Loss Supplement Agrees to Settle FTC Charges

Lindsey Duncan and the companies he controlled have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they deceptively touted the supposed weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract through a campaign that included appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The View, and other television programs. Under the FTC settlement, the defendants are barred from making […]