Administrative Law Judge Dismisses Illegal Price-Setting Charges Against McWane, But Finds That It Illegally Excluded Competitors

In an Initial Decision announced today, Chief Administrative Law Judge D. Michael Chappell dismissed charges in a Federal Trade Commission complaint that McWane Inc. — one of the largest U.S. suppliers of ductile iron pipe fittings (DIPF) used in municipal and regional water distribution systems — illegally conspired with its competitors to raise and stabilize […]

FTC Puts an End to Bleach Non-Compete Agreement That Whitewashed Competition in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Southern Virginia

The Federal Trade Commission will require bleach producer and seller Oltrin Solutions, LLC to release its competitor, JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc. from an agreement not to sell bleach in North Carolina and South Carolina.  This non-compete agreement was part of a 2010 transaction between the two firms that the FTC alleges violated antitrust laws.  The […]