Statement of Bruce Hoffman, Director of FTC’s Bureau of Competition, on Fidelity National Financial, Inc.’s Decision to Drop Proposed Acquisition of Stewart Information Services Corporation

Following today’s announcement by Fidelity National Financial, Inc., Bureau of Competition Director Bruce Hoffman made this statement: “Today’s announcement from Fidelity National Financial, Inc. and Stewart Information Services Corporation that they will abandon their proposed transaction is good news for everyone who requires title insurance when purchasing real estate in the United States. These customers […]

FTC Challenges Proposed $1.2 Billion Merger of Title Insurance Providers Fidelity National Financial, Inc. and Stewart Information Services Corporation

The Federal Trade Commission today issued an administrative complaint seeking to block title insurance provider Fidelity National Financial, Inc.’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Stewart Information Services, alleging the merger would substantially reduce competition in state markets for title insurance underwriting for large commercial transactions, and in several local markets for title information services. Title insurance protects […]

FTC Announces Annual Update of Size of Transaction Thresholds for Premerger Notification Filings and Interlocking Directorates

For 2019, the size-of-transaction threshold for reporting proposed mergers and acquisitions under Section 7A of the Clayton Act will adjust from $84.4 million to $90 million. Also, the 2019 thresholds under Section 8 of the Act that trigger prohibitions on certain interlocking memberships on corporate boards of directors are $36,564,000 for Section 8(a)(l ) and […]

Statement from FTC’s Acting Bureau of Competition Director Markus H. Meier on Decision by DraftKings and FanDuel to Abandon Their Proposed Merger

“The parties’ decision to abandon this transaction is a clear win for American consumers,” said Markus H. Meier, Acting Director of the Bureau of Competition. “For years, the vigorous competition between DraftKings and FanDuel has spurred innovation and favorable pricing. In brief, consumers benefitted from the intense rivalry between the two leading players in this […]

Statement of the Acting Director of FTC’s Bureau of Competition Regarding the Walgreens/Rite Aid Transaction

The Acting Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition, Tad Lipsky, issued the following statement on this morning’s announcement regarding Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.’s proposed acquisition of Rite Aid Corporation. “The Commission staff thoroughly investigated the potential impact that the proposed Walgreens/Rite Aid merger may have had on competition and evaluated a number […]

FTC Releases Staff Study Examining Commission Merger Remedies between 2006 and 2012

A new Federal Trade Commission report, The FTC’s Merger Remedies 2006-2012: A Report of the Bureaus of Competition and Economics, finds that the agency’s process for maintaining competition when companies merge is generally effective. “The report demonstrates that in the vast majority of cases the Commission’s remedies protect or restore competition. Divestitures of ongoing businesses […]

As a Condition of Acquiring Meda, FTC Requires Mylan to Sell Rights to Two Generic Drugs

Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final order settling charges that Mylan Inc.’s $7.2 billion acquisition of Swedish drug maker Meda would likely be anticompetitive. Under the FTC’s order, first announced in July 2016, the companies will be required to divest the U.S. rights to two generic drugs, 250 […]

Statement from Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition Director on the Court Ruling Granting a Preliminary Injunction in the Staples/Office Depot Merger

Statement from Bureau of Competition Director Debbie Feinstein: “Today’s court ruling is great news for business customers in the office supply market. This deal would eliminate head-to-head competition between Staples and Office Depot and likely lead to higher prices and lower quality service for large businesses that buy office supplies.” The Federal Trade Commission works to […]

FTC Challenges Proposed Merger of Staples, Inc. and Office Depot, Inc.

The Federal Trade Commission today filed an administrative complaint charging that Staples, Inc.’s proposed $6.3 billion acquisition of Office Depot, Inc. would violate the antitrust laws by significantly reducing competition nationwide in the market for “consumable” office supplies sold to large business customers for their own use. Framingham, Mass.-based Staples – the world’s largest seller […]

FTC Requires NXP Semiconductors N.V. to Divest RF Power Amplifier Assets as a Condition of Acquiring Freescale Semiconductor Ltd.

NXP Semiconductors N.V. has agreed to sell its RF power amplifier assets in order to settle FTC charges that its proposed $11.8 billion acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor Ltd. is anticompetitive. According to the complaint, without a divestiture, it is likely that the proposed merger would substantially lessen competition in the worldwide market for RF power […]