Wikibox Inc. Gaining Recognition for Its Sound Technology Smart Door Lock After Hitting Its Kickstarter Goal for JIIPKEY

Despite the smart door lock market being saturated by brands like August, Schlage, and Google’s Nest, Wikibox Inc. is showing that there is still room for technological improvements for smart door locks. 

Wikibox Inc.’s JIIPKEY utilizes patented sound technology to create digital SoundKeys™. These are essentially encrypted sound files that the JIIPKEY lock master and guests can use to safely unlock doors. SoundKeys™ are also extremely convenient since they can be used even if JIIPKEY is not connected to the Internet or phone via Bluetooth. SoundKeys™ can be sent from the JIIPKEY app via text messages or other third-party messaging apps and can be accessed instantly by guests without having to download the app.

When connected to the internet, JIIPKEY can:

  • Generate and send new SoundKeys™ to family members, friends, and other guests
  • Allow the door lock master(s) to view the access history
  • Allow the door lock master(s) to unlock the door remotely

JIIPKEY has been competitively priced and provides more value than other smart door locks. Limited Early Bird rewards are still available and start at $99 for just the JIIPKEY and $132 for the JIIPKEY and a keypad. More information can be found on JIIPKEY and a list of doors it is compatible with can be found on its Kickstarter page.

Source: Wikibox Inc.

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