The First Annual Elite Retreat Goes Off Without a Hitch

Recap of the first annual Elite Retreat thrown and hosted by Caujuan Mayo and Stefanie Foster. The Elite Retreat is a marketing mastermind workshop held and taught in a unique and exotic way. The first was held in a 15-bedroom mansion for the length of three days, all-inclusive, fully catered with live entertainment.

Press Release

updated: Sep 30, 2019 13:27 EDT

The first annual Elite Retreat was thrown on September 20-22 by Caujuan Mayo and Stefanie Foster in celebration of Stefanie’s one year in business with her company, grossing over six figures and becoming what seemed to be an overnight success within her business. Through hard work and extreme dedication to her business, Stefanie grew to almost a thousand paid customers within a year’s time.

Caujuan Mayo is a successful marketer, six-figure earner, product creator, business coach, and online entrepreneur. Caujuan became extremely successful online, working alongside a company called Royaltie. He started working with the company in 2017 and quickly became their #1 independent sales rep, earning six figures in his first year with the company. Building a team of over 2,400 customers and sales reps, Caujuan became the most known and popular rep within the company.

Wanting to give back, Caujuan formed the Royaltie Elite, a group of like-minded reps struggling to make sales online. It was then Caujuan created the Elite University, an online school that currently has over 300 hours of training and teaches everything Caujuan knows about making money online and maintaining a six-figure income. Caujuan also teaches live to his students via video conference once a week.

After two years of success, Caujuan wanted to give back and teach the most important aspect of marketing, which he feels is “branding” yourself. He wanted to do so in a unique way and in an exotic setting, so Caujuan and Stefanie decided to throw the Elite Retreat and host it in a big mansion. If that wasn’t enough, they also allowed 15 people and guests to actually stay and sleep in the mansion for the entire three days of the event. The event was fully catered, had live entertainment, a street magician who wowed the guests, a DJ and big giveaways, like custom software and features on a digital billboard on the Vegas Strip.

Exclusive VIP guests in attendance were top marketers like Ryan DePaul, who is a successful independent sales rep with Royaltie, quit his job in 2017 to pursue online marketing full time and has never looked back. Antonie Baker and Kendall Taylor came down together for the Saturday mastermind and workshop. These two are a couple of top marketers on the rise. Arnell Powell, another successful marketer and coach, was present and masterminded with the guest all weekend long. San Diego’s very own DJ Redlite was in the building as the music entertainment for the weekend and did an awesome job. Another big marketer there was Carlos Cunningham and Aundre Hernandez, who is actually deaf but still didn’t let that hold him back from becoming ESTV’s “Top Earner” for the month. There were quite a few other well-known marketers present worth mentioning, like Dwight Macon, Cory Dismuke, and Georgina Sikora. All known for helping others become successful online. John Briones, Joshua Cantrell, and Katy Sunders were present and are also considered to be well-known entrepreneurs. Kevin Lincoln, Yvette Christine, Travis Sangster, Starr Chaitra, and Shonda Claxton are all up incoming marketers and coaches whose names have been buzzing online recently and were at the retreat as well. Sherrie Sullivan is an independent sales rep at Royaltie and has been building her brand, as well as Rickey Corley, who took full advantage of the workshops and weekend photoshoots at the retreat in order to continue help building their brands. Robin Hood, not the cartoon character but the marketer, was there, as well as Caujuan’s jeweler, Adan Qadri, owner of Iceberg Jewelers, who was also there learning how to take his business to the next level.

Those were some of the top marketers in the industry to show up to the retreat for a weekend of training, working and entertaining. To say the event was a success would be an understatement and truly sets the tone for the next one, which is already set to be held in sunny San Diego California on a big, 100-foot yacht in September 2020

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