SCHC, a Leading British Columbia Drug, Alcohol, Trauma, and PTSD Residential Treatment Centre, Announces Staff Promotions

Sunshine Coast Health Centre (SCHC) is a best-in-class treatment center located in Powell River, BC, Canada for drug, alcohol, trauma, and PTSD. The Centre is proud to announce a new staff promotion.

Press Release

updated: Sep 30, 2019 21:00 PDT

Sunshine Coast Health Centre (SCHC), considered one of the best residential drug, alcohol, PTSD, and trauma treatment programs in British Columbia, Canada, is pleased to announce a new staff promotion. Sara Klinkhamer has been promoted to clinical manager. This announcement is the latest in a series of staff and employment upgrades at SCHC to better serve its client population. Her promotion to clinical manager will provide the much needed administrative support to primary and adjunct counsellors at SCHC. It will allow SCHC Program Director, Geoff Thompson, to focus more on his research, published writings and books, as well as public speaking and conference presentations. Sara is an experienced psychotherapist who brought valuable experiences from the DTES when she started working at SCHC in 2016. 

“I have learned that Sara Klinkhammer has been appointed Clinic Director at Sunshine Coast Health Centre,” explained Bruce Alexander, the respected psychologist and professor known for his research on “Rat Park.” He continued, “This is wonderful news! Sara was one of my students decades ago at Simon Fraser University. In those days we were all caught up in the excitement of new forms of treatment and harm reduction that were being introduced in Vancouver and in the new research studies, including our Rat Park experiments, that seemed to be finally changing people’s minds about the cruel and futile ‘War on Drugs.’ Some of my students had big hearts, some had big brains, and some, like Sara, had both! So she went on to master a demanding graduate program and then took on challenging agency work in various parts of the addiction field. I think Powell River is lucky to have Sara Klinkhamer and Sunshine Coast Health Centre!”


Here is background on this release. First and foremost, Sunshine Coast Health Centre is expanding its treatment opportunities to help clients work to overcome addictions and trauma. Recent announcements have been about staff, facility, and program expansions. For example, the Centre offers both PTSD treatment ( and Trauma treatment (, giving it a unique position in British Columbia. While located in Powell River, BC, the Centre serves many people from throughout the province including the big cities of Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby and Richmond as well as from nearby provinces such as Alberta and Saskatchewan. Finally, it should be noted that the Centre uses a “non 12 step” methodology ( based on the pioneering work of Viktor Frankl. This method, in contrast to the more common religiously based methodologies, intends to empower participants to fully participate in their recovery and to uncover deeper and more philosophical meanings to their lives. It provides a useful alternative for people who want to recover from addiction, trauma, and/or PTSD but who find religiously based methodologies unpalatable. 


Sunshine Coast Health Centre is a 47-bed drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility exclusively designed for men, officially opened on the 15th of March 2004. The Centre has a philosophy of care that goes beyond just addiction to include personal transformation based on three key therapeutic principles: interpersonal relatedness, self definition (autonomy & competence), and intrinsic motivation. The Centre offers both drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment near Vancouver, BC, but serving patients across Canada, particularly British Columbia and Alberta and cities such as Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer. Sunshine Coast Health Centre uses a form of drug rehabilitation based on the research of Viktor Frankl and methodology of Paul T.P. Wong, namely ‘Meaning ­Centered Therapy’.


Source: Sunshine Coast Health Centre

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