Qualer: The New Gold Standard for Asset Management Solutions

Press Release

updated: Sep 30, 2019 08:00 PDT

Today, Qualer announces a new free version of Its Advanced Asset Management service to its initial customers, for a limited time. Industries such as life sciences, energy, manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, and aerospace can all benefit from this outstanding new service. 

The cloud-based asset management and service platform allows for easy access to asset certificate records and tracking at any time or place. Asset maintenance and service are streamlined, efficient, and accurate. The platform provides custom notifications and alerts and allows peace of mind for auditing and readiness in any organization. 

Qualer is the trailblazing industry leader in collaborative asset management, surpassing customer satisfaction in its innovative solutions and service. This visionary company offers new concepts in a highly collaborative, cutting-edge ecosystem. Whether the industry is life science or aerospace, Qualer stands above the rest in its flexible calibration software system, asset maintenance, asset compliance, and holistic customer service.

Qualer has a free version now available to its customers. In order to receive this version, customers just have to fill out an online form and they will receive a free demo, complete with custom specifications for a lab’s calibration and asset management needs. 

The Qualer asset and event management system is a proven success to its customers. Qualer is committed to providing excellent software tools and customer support for all asset management and calibration tracking needs. Qualer skyrockets above and beyond industry standards to provide collaborative networking and inclusiveness across its entire repertoire.

Source: Qualer

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