Trading in Securities and Derivatives Markets Terminated Due to Issuance of Typhoon Signal No. 8

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) announced that trading in the securities market, including Stock Connect trading, and derivatives markets will be terminated at 1:55pm, due to the issuance of Typhoon Signal No. 8.

For details of arrangements for trading, clearing and settlement during typhoons, black rainstorms and “extreme conditions”, please refer to the respective rule books and summary table, which can be accessed via the Services section of  HKEX website.

After the suspension of Stock Connect Northbound trading, only cancellation of Stock Connect orders will be accepted.  For details of arrangements under Stock Connect during typhoons and black rainstorms, please refer to the Rules and Regulations section of the HKEX website. and

For the latest typhoon news, please refer to the website of Hong Kong Observatory.




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