Adjustment of Yanzhou Coal Structured Products, Futures and Options

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has announced the arrangements for the adjustment to Yanzhou Coal Mining Co Ltd (Yanzhou Coal) structured products, futures and options to account for Yanzhou Coal’s issuance of special dividend.

Corporate action overview

Company (Stock Code)  Yanzhou Coal (1171)
Corporate Action Special Dividend of RMB1 per share
Ex-date To be announced

Please refer to the announcements made by Yanzhou Coal on 30 August 2019 and 2 September 2019 for details.

Investors should consult their brokers for further details, or if they have any questions regarding the adjustment.

Structured products with shares of Yanzhou Coal as underlying asset

The listing documents of all existing structured products with the shares of Yanzhou Coal as underlying asset contain provisions that deal with a cash distribution including a special dividend.  Structured product issuers will make announcements in the evening of a business day immediately prior to the ex-dividend date regarding the relevant adjustments (including the adjusted entitlement, adjusted exercise price and adjusted call price, as appropriate) and investors should read the contents of such announcements.

Adjustment of Yanzhou Coal Futures and Options

For detailed trading and clearing arrangement of Yanzhou Coal Futures and Options after the adjustments, please refer to the circulars posted on HKEX website.

Investors should note that the adjusted and standard stock futures and options will have different contract sizes.  There will not be any changes to the number of open positions and other contract terms after the transfer of positions.




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