The Federal Trade Commission and the Veterans Administration signed a Memorandum of Agreement to further their ongoing efforts to stop fraudulent and deceptive practices targeted at U.S. service members, veterans and dependents who use military education benefits.

The agreement is designed to enhance cooperation between the FTC and the VA in investigating and taking action against institutions that target service members with unfair or deceptive advertising or enrollment practices. It outlines terms under which the VA can refer potential violations to the FTC.

The FTC advises service members to watch out for any for-profit schools that may stretch the truth to encourage enrollment, either by exerting pressure on service members to sign up for unnecessary courses or to take out loans that might be a challenge to pay off. Students interested in pursuing a higher education should check out the FTC’s updated guidance, Choosing a College: Questions to Ask.  

Anyone who encounters a school that has not lived up to their promises should file a complaint with the FTC.

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