$IMKTA Ingles Markets Inc Annual Meeting of Stockholders

The Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Ingles Markets, Incorporated was held Tuesday, February 12, 2019. At this meeting, the Company’s stockholders voted on the following proposals:

1.  Elect eight members of the Board of Directors by holders of Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock to serve until the 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders:

Votes ForVotes
Ernest E. FergusonClass A9,337,5381,765,014
John R. LowdenClass A9,518,7931,583,759
Fred D. AyersClass B5,806,7460
Ronald B. FreemanClass B5,806,7460
Robert P. Ingle, IIClass B5,806,7460
James W. LanningClass B5,806,7460
Laura Ingle SharpClass B5,806,7460
Brenda S. TudorClass B5,806,7460

2.  Consider and vote on a stockholder proposal concerning assigning one vote per share:

Class A & B *

* Holders of Class A Common Stock have one vote per share and the holders of Class B Common Stock have ten votes per share.

SEC: IMKTA Annual Report Filing

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