VENICE, Fla., Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tuscan Gardens® of Venetia Bay has partnered with Seattle-based Eldergrow to bring two groundbreaking indoor gardening programs to their residents. Tuscan Gardens is the first senior living community in Florida to implement Eldergrow’s new Culinary Herb Garden in addition to launching Eldergrow’s original Therapeutic Sensory Garden. Tuscan Gardens will host back-to-back events for residents, families, and guests to plant and design gardens with vibrant flowers and fragrant herbs under its branded Tuscan Roots programming.

Eldergrow, an award-winning company, offers elders living in senior living communities a therapeutic connection to nature through innovative gardening programs that bring nature indoors. Eldergrow’s DIY Culinary Herb Garden features a unique ‘Herb of the Month’ program with recipes and activities. Their Therapeutic Sensory Garden program is a full-service wellness program complete with an Eldergrow Educator who teaches bimonthly therapeutic sessions for Tuscan Gardens memory care residents.

From its very inception, Tuscan Gardens was intended to reinvent senior living, from signature dining to a strong commitment to horticulture and herbs. “We were delighted to find a program that shared our common mission,” said Laurence J. Pino, CEO of Tuscan Gardens Senior Living and author of Reinventing Senior Living: The Art of Living with Purpose Passion & Joy.

The benefits that Tuscan Gardens is bringing to its residents goes deeper than just the eye-catching gardens. Recent studies show that therapeutic horticulture reduces depression; improves balance, coordination and endurance; and lowers the risk factors for dementia by 36%*. For those already living with some form of dementia, the Eldergrow garden programs can provide healing benefits such as educed agitation and improved self-esteem.

About Eldergrow
Eldergrow was founded by Orla Concannon in 2015 to offer senior living residents a therapeutic connection to nature through innovative indoor gardening programs.

About Tuscan Gardens
Tuscan Gardens is a Florida-based senior living company focused on pioneering upscale Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities for our seniors. The company’s mission is to develop and deliver an exceptional resident experience ensuring an elegant, fulfilling, and enriching lifestyle immersed in purpose, passion, and joy through experience, dedication and the love and respect our seniors have earned.

*Data from 2014 University of Washington/USDA Forest Service Report

SOURCE Tuscan Gardens of Venetia Bay Senior Living

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