NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SoStereo gathered advertising industry leaders at AdWeek 2019 for “Unlocking the Power of Music,” a conversation about the growing impact of music on branding efforts and marketing initiatives in a data-driven world.

The panel discussion, moderated by SoStereo co-founder and CEO Salo Sterental, featured: Eric Johnson, McCann Senior Vice President and Executive Integrated-music Producer; Leo Burnett Director of Music Chris Clark; Y&R NY Executive Music Producer Theresa Notartomaso; Emma Quigley, PepsiCo Head of Music and Entertainment; and Rachel Rauch, former music producer at Publicis.

Innovating at the intersection of music and advertising, SoStereo, a #PoweredByRokk3r startup, is an integrated platform and service created to modernize the way brands and advertising agencies source music and work with artists for campaigns. Historically, brands seeking to leverage the power of captivating music on ad campaigns were forced to contend with the expensive and time-consuming task of negotiating directly with major music labels. SoStereo was designed to deliver a faster, simpler alternative to this model by providing access to a marketplace of emerging artists. From last-minute music licensing for commercial to full-scale music strategy, SoStereo leverages cutting-edge technology and a skilled curation team to unlock the power of music in advertising.

“Music is proven to impact humans so viscerally, it’s no wonder it’s a key tool for marketers,” Sterental said. “That said, are you choosing music based on that visceral gut reaction, or are you letting the facts and figures of a certain genre or artist make the call for you?”

The conversation revealed that while some advertising campaigns, like those recently led by Leo Burnett’s Clark, are dictated by creative decision-making of what music “works” or doesn’t, data is increasingly playing a pivotal role in how music is chosen for advertising campaigns and what songs by which artists eventually make the cut, according to Rauch and Quigley – a point that split the panel.

“Nothing goes to air without some sort of testing, in my case,” Rauch said. “Choices are sometimes made solely based on demographic data.”

A former music label executive, Quigley understood right away the power of data in decision-making once she made the leap to a marketing role, she said.

“I would be in meetings and people would stop and say, ‘We don’t really care about what you feel,’ … we very rarely do anything on gut extinct alone.”

McCann’s Johnson contended that gut instinct is still relevant in the age of data points. “I love the combination of art and science, data and gut,” he said. “There’s something beautiful about discovery [of a new artists] that you can’t data into existence … That’s one of the greatest things about music.”

Whether backed by data or inspired by a gut feeling, sonic branding is increasingly the focal point of advertising, thanks to its proven ability to elicit emotional responses from consumers that create lasting brand connections and drive loyalty. In the end, the panel agreed that a balance between creative ‘gut’ feeling and data is the right way to go.

“The most important part for me, was actually seeing the business go up over a declining baseline,” Clark said, speaking of the success of Leo Burnett’s Coors Light campaign, which he believes was largely a result of the music conveying the message of the campaign, as well as grabbing people’s attention to rise above the noise of other commercials in the category.

“Unlocking the Power of Music,” held during AdWeek 2019 in September, marked the second time SoStereo contributed to the annual industry gathering.

About SoStereo
SoStereo is an integrated platform and service created to modernize the way brands source music and work with artists for advertising campaigns to better connect with target consumers. Founded in 2015 in Miami, Florida, SoStereo is a #PoweredByRokk3r company, backed by venture capital firm Rokk3r Fuel ExO. SoStereo has played a role in creating ad campaigns for such brands as Coors Light, Nissan and Samsung. For more information on SoStereo, visit

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