FTC Seeks Public Comment on Universal Health Services, Inc.’s Application to Divest the Peak Behavioral Health Assets to Strategic Behavioral Health, LLC

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comment on an application by Alan B. Miller and the hospital management company Universal Health Services, Inc. to sell an acute inpatient psychiatric facility in the El Paso, Texas/Santa Teresa, New Mexico area to Strategic Behavioral Health, LLC (SBH).  The divestiture of the facility, called Peak Behavioral Health […]

New FTC Graphic Highlights Key Information About Mobile Apps for Kids

Keeping Up With Kids’ Apps graphic – click the image to view full-size. The graphic is also available in a Spanish version. For parents, the growing universe of mobile applications targeted at kids can be overwhelming. Knowing which app is the right fit for your family poses a major challenge to parents on the go. […]

In Settlement with FTC, Debt Collectors Agree to Stop Deceiving Consumers and Pay Nearly $800,000

After allegedly misleading consumers into paying unnecessary fees and falsely threatening consumers with lawsuits, defendants in a debt collection operation have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges. The FTC alleged in its complaint that the defendants – a debt buyer and a debt collection law firm, both based in Mississippi – violated the FTC […]

FTC Undercover Shopper Survey on Entertainment Ratings Enforcement Finds Compliance Highest Among Video Game Sellers and Movie Theaters

A Federal Trade Commission undercover shopper survey found that video game retailers continue to enforce age-based ratings, while movie theaters have made marked improvement in box office enforcement.  Only 13 percent of underage shoppers were able to purchase M-rated video games, while a historic low of 24 percent were able to purchase tickets to R-rated […]

FTC Reopens Public Comment Period on Proposed Changes to Update EnergyGuide Labels

In response to requests from stakeholders, the Federal Trade Commission has reopened the public comment period, until April 1, 2013, on a recent proposal to update EnergyGuide label information and issue special labels for refrigerators and clothes washers to help consumers compare products in the wake of new Department of Energy tests for measuring energy […]

FTC Stops Foreign Operation That Scammed Many Small Businesses and Nonprofits Into Paying Millions of Dollars for Bogus Online Directory

At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal judge has temporarily halted a Slovakia-based operation that allegedly tricked small businesses and non-profits into collectively paying millions of dollars to be listed in an online directory in which they had no interest in being listed and for which they did not understand they would be charged. […]

FTC Returns More than $1.1 Million to Victims of Operation Involving Allegedly Bogus Health Insurance

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 50,395 refund checks totaling more than $1.1 million to consumers who were victimized by a telemarketing operation that allegedly tricked them into buying worthless medical discount plans. In June 2012, the FTC announced that it halted the scam. Under several settlement orders, Health Care One, Americans4Healthcare Inc., Elite Business […]

Retailers Agree to Settle FTC Charges They Marketed Real Fur Products as Fake Fur

Three clothing retailers have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they misled consumers by marketing that products contained “faux fur,” when in fact, the products contained real fur. In administrative complaints, the FTC alleged that The Neiman Marcus Group Inc., DrJays.com Inc., and Eminent Inc., doing business as Revolve Clothing violated the FTC […]

FTC Staff: Connecticut Should Consider Expanding Advance Practice Registered Nurses’ Role in Patient Care

Federal Trade Commission staff, in response to a request from Connecticut State Representative Theresa W. Conroy, provided comments on the likely competitive impact of Connecticut House Bill 6391, stating that eliminating the requirement that Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) have collaborative agreements with physicians in order to practice independently could benefit Connecticut health care consumers […]

FTC Approves Final Order Settling Charges Against Epic Marketplace, Inc.

Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a final order settling charges that Epic Marketplace, Inc. used “history sniffing” to secretly and illegally determine whether millions of consumers had visited any of more than 54,000 domains. The domains included pages relating to sensitive medical and financial issues ranging from fertility and […]