Psst… Hey Buddy, Wanna Sell a Timeshare?

At the Federal Trade Commission’s request, a federal district court has put a stop to a deceptive telemarketing operation that allegedly scammed millions of dollars from property owners hoping to sell their timeshares. The FTC charged that the ring, operating out of South Florida, conned consumers by promising that they had buyers lined up and […]

Appellate Court Upholds Order Requiring Promoters of Supreme Greens and Coral Calcium Dietary Supplements To Pay $48.2 Million for Deceptive Ads

A federal appeals court in Boston has upheld a decision in favor of the Federal Trade Commission that orders marketers of dietary supplements to pay $48.2 million for deceiving the public with phony health claims for their “Supreme Greens” and “Coral Calcium” dietary supplements.  Infomercial pitchman Donald W. Barrett and his associates had touted the […]

FTC Approves Dow Chemical Company Application to Modify Contract with Arkema Inc.

For Your Information October 29, 2010 Following a public comment period, the Federal Trade Commission has approved a request submitted by The Dow Chemical Company to modify a software licensing agreement with Arkema Inc. The modification licenses additional programs for Arkema to use in the latex polymers business divested under an FTC Order issued in […]

FTC Staff Report Recommends Expanding Coverage of Business Opportunity Rule and Streamlining Required Disclosures

The Federal Trade Commission has released a staff report recommending that coverage of the FTC’s Business Opportunity Rule be expanded to include work-at-home opportunities such as envelope stuffing, medical billing, and product assembly, many of which have not been covered before.  FTC staff also recommends streamlining the disclosures required by the Business Opportunity Rule so […]

FTC Charges Marketer for Making Phony Claims That Dietary Supplements Can Treat and Prevent Diabetes

As part of its ongoing efforts to stop bogus disease treatment claims, the Federal Trade Commission has filed suit against an online marketer that allegedly deceived consumers with baseless claims that its supplements would treat and prevent diabetes. The FTC will ask a federal judge to permanently bar the company, Wellness Support Network Inc., and […]

FTC Obtains Court Order Barring Credit Repair Operation from Making False Claims and Charging Up-Front Fees

A credit repair operation has agreed to stop making false claims and stop charging up-front fees under a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. The settlement is part of an ongoing crackdown on scams that target financially strapped consumers, taking hundreds of dollars of fees to purportedly remove negative information from consumers’ credit reports even […]

Starting in 2011, FTC Will Require EnergyGuide Labels for Televisions

Televisions manufactured after May 10, 2011 must display EnergyGuide labels so consumers shopping for TVs will have more information about different models and how much energy they use. A recent amendment to the Federal Trade Commission’s Appliance Labeling Rule will require the familiar yellow-and-black labels on new TVs. The removable labels, which have long appeared […]

FTC Issues Enforcement Policy Statement on New Debt Relief Rule

The Federal Trade Commission has issued an enforcement policy statement on a new FTC rule that protects consumers by barring debt relief firms from collecting up-front fees. In its statement, the FTC says that while most companies that sell debt relief services over the telephone are now prohibited from charging fees before settling or reducing […]

FTC Mails Redress Checks Totaling $1.2 Million to Debt Reduction Scam Victims

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing almost 7,000 refund checks to victims of a nationwide operation that falsely claimed it would reduce consumers’ debt, leading many people into financial ruin and bankruptcy. Consumers paid the defendants an up-front fee of about 5 percent of their unsecured debt. The redress fund represents the available assets of […]

FTC Advises Consumers: Notices from Mortgage Servicers Always Demand Homeowner Attention

Stories about a “freeze” or “moratorium” on mortgage foreclosures are in the headlines, so it’s no surprise if you’ve heard that some mortgage lenders are stopping foreclosures while their paperwork is investigated to be sure it’s in order. But no matter what you hear on the news, a notice from your bank, mortgage servicer, or […]