Tell Mom You Care About Her Privacy

Send the FTCs Musical E-card For Your Information April 30, 2010 Mom has gone out of her way for you over the years.  On Mother’s Day, let her know you’re doing the same for her.  Send her a musical e-card with tips from the Federal Trade Commission on keeping her personal information secure.  The free […]

FTC Seeks Public Comments on Solvays Application to Terminate Supply Agreement with Alventia

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking public comments on an application by chemical company Solvay S.A. for approval to end a 1998 agreement to supply Alventia LLC with a chemical known as HCFC-142b, a raw material for making fluoropolymer which is used in pipes, cable, and other applications. In 2002, the FTC negotiated a consent […]

International Competition Network Adopts Recommended Practices to Improve Merger Analysis, Creates New Virtual University, and Addresses Complex Unilateral Conduct Issues

Today, at the ninth annual International Competition Network conference in Istanbul, Turkey, the ICN adopted Recommended Practices for substantive merger analysis, approved a pilot project for a virtual university on competition law and practice, and held discussions about the analysis of refusal to deal and margin squeeze conduct under unilateral conduct laws, the Federal Trade […]

Statement by FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz Regarding Todays Decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in the Ciprofloxacin “Pay-for-Delay” Case

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz issued the following statement regarding today’s decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which invited the plaintiffs in the Ciprofloxacin drug patent settlement case to seek further review by the full court of appeals because of the “exceptional importance” of the antitrust implications of pay-for-delay […]

FTC Tells Congress It Is Reviewing Whether Technology Changes Call for Revisions to the Agency’s Rule Protecting Kids’ Online Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission today said that the rapid-fire pace of technological change, including an explosion in children’s use of mobile devices and interactive gaming, has led the agency to accelerate its review of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA Rule) to make sure that it is still adequately protecting children’s privacy. Although the […]

FTC Puts Mortgage Foreclosure “Rescue” Company Out of Business

The Federal Trade Commission has put a permanent stop to another mortgage foreclosure “rescue” operation that allegedly promoted bogus loan modification and foreclosure relief services. The case is one of 17 lawsuits the FTC has brought in the past 11 months in a crackdown on mortgage relief frauds that target financially strapped homeowners, and more […]

FTC Mails Redress Checks to Fraud Victims Who Lost Money Through MoneyGram’s Money Transfer System

Beginning today, a claims administrator working for the Federal Trade Commission will mail more than 34,000 checks totaling almost $18 million to consumers identified as victims of a series of cross-border fraud schemes involving payments via MoneyGram International, Inc., the second-largest U.S. wire-transfer company. In October 2009, the FTC charged that MoneyGram agents helped fraudulent […]

FTC Helps Prepare Kids for a World Where Advertising Is Everywhere

With American youth exposed to more advertising than ever before, the Federal Trade Commission is kicking off a new advertising literacy campaign to help older children understand the ads they see and become smarter consumers. “Today’s kids see advertising everywhere – in movies and TV shows, outdoors, on phones, in games,” said David C. Vladeck, […]

Women’s Clothing Retailer Talbots and its Telemarketer to Pay Total of $161,000 for Violating FTC’s Robocall ‘Opt-Out’ Requirements

Women’s clothing retailer Talbots and its California marketing company have agreed to pay penalties totaling $161,000 to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they illegally delivered prerecorded “robocalls” that failed to give consumers proper notice of their right to opt out of receiving telemarketing calls. Talbots operates stores in 587 locations in 47 states, the […]

FTC Charges More Defendants and Violations in Matter of Grant Connect, LLC; FTC Approves Final Order Settling Charges That Transitions Optical, Inc. Used Anticompetitive Practices to Exclude Rivals

FTC Charges More Defendants and Violations in Matter of Grant Connect, LLC The Federal Trade Commission has charged additional defendants and violations in the matter of Grant Connect, LLC, a company that allegedly deceptively promised government grants to consumers, and failed to adequately disclose that those who bought their products or services would be enrolled […]