NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Robert Gaddy, President of Apex International, LLC, issued the following statement today:

“The Wall Street Journal story published today appears to be based on a disgruntled ex-employee of the firm who was terminated and was sued for breach of contract, theft, misappropriation, fraud and for making representations that falsified his military record.

What he has apparently told reporters at the Wall Street Journal is no more credible than the resume he gave us. 

The result is an unfair story containing inaccuracies that appears to be based largely on unsubstantiated words and/or false stories of a source who has demonstrated that he lacks credibility.

Likewise, based on the information I have seen, the allegations from an unnamed source of a “hole” in the balance sheets of Mr. Lindberg’s insurers are false. The fact is the North Carolina Department of Insurance said recently that there are no defaults with loans to Mr. Lindberg’s companies and said this week that Mr. Lindberg’s insurers have substantial “financial wherewithal.” 

The truth is that there is nothing salacious about Mr. Lindberg’s personal life.

He separated from his wife, Tisha, in May 2017, dated a number of different people and was briefly engaged. He is single and is not in a committed relationship.  

Mr. Lindberg is expecting a baby (via gestational carrier) this month. In the interest of ensuring the safety of his family, he hired Apex International LLC to look closely at the lives of potential egg donors to make sure they were safe and healthy – something any parent should understand.  

Mr. Lindberg was also cautious with the women he dated – and for good reason.   He did not want another relationship with an addict, as it was painful and difficult for him. Anyone involved in AA, ACOA, Al-Anon, or NA knows how difficult this road can be. Any background checks undertaken were simply conducted to ensure that women he dated did not have substance abuse issues or criminal backgrounds. This was for the protection of Mr. Lindberg’s growing family, as well as himself.  

In order for a security organization to be effective it must be focused on (1) identifying potential security concerns, (2) investigating work relevant to understanding and verifying these security concerns, and (3) ensuring the executive protection personnel on the ground are proactive in addressing any of these concerns.

This organization bases all of its work on an exhaustively researched, comprehensive and in-depth legal compliance framework. That framework is validated and regularly updated by legal counsel. Through this framework we ensure that all protective and supporting investigative work is carried out in a legal and ethical manner. Our core objective is to protect the person while complying with the law.

About Robert Gaddy

Mr. Gaddy has been the head of security for Apex International LLC and its predecessors since 2016. After completing studies in cultural anthropology and serving as an infantry officer in the United States Army, Mr. Gaddy completed graduate studies in administration as well as graduate studies focused on persons struggling with mental, behavioral and emotional challenges. He is an expert at defusing high stress and highly emotionalized situations in the least confrontational way. While working for Apex, he has built a world class security team and implemented best practices for compliance and management in all areas of the operation.

SOURCE Apex International, LLC

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