RANDOLPH, N.J., Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — A new security certification program from Affinity IoT Security Labs helps IoT device manufacturers close the gap on security vulnerabilities. By certifying their devices, IoT marketers can distinguish themselves from the competition and build trust with consumers that their devices will securely interact with the internet.

With this program, Affinity IoT Security Labs helps fill a void in the IoT ecosystem – which Gartner predicts will reach 75 billion devices, worldwide, by the year 2025.

“With 127 new IoT devices connecting to the internet every second, security evaluation and certification have never been more critical,” states Joseph Fisher, president of Affinity IoT Security Labs. “Our robust program offers IoT device manufacturers a cost-effective means to protect themselves and consumers against potentially catastrophic security risks.”

Instill Confidence in IoT Products

Affinity IoT Security Labs’ rigorous IoT evaluation process draws on more than 25 years of proven cybersecurity experience. Certification involves multi-level verification of a device’s security features against a set of comprehensive criteria, including industry standards, guidelines, and best practices.

Manufacturers can select the security evaluation option that best fits their needs, tailored to the device’s sophistication and ideal security characteristics. A Static evaluation relies on documentary evidence, while a Dynamic evaluation also incorporates hands-on testing.

Proactively Market Security Credentials

Affinity IoT Security Labs arms IoT manufacturers with powerful marketing tools to feature in their marketing collateral and packaging. Marketing-ready graphics – including a QR code linking to the device’s security rating and permanent placement on the official Affinity IoT Security Labs website – help cut through the clutter and distinguish secure products for consumers making purchasing decisions.

For more information on the Affinity IoT Security Labs certification, visit www.affinity-iot.com.

Contact: Joe Fisher, 800-840-2335, [email protected]

SOURCE Affinity IoT Security Labs

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