New Book by 73-Years-Young Author Encourages Seniors to Become Role Models for Aging

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updated: Oct 1, 2019 07:00 EDT

 ​Teiichi Igarashi climbed Mt. Fuji at age 100. Julia Child began her cooking show at 51. Ronald Reagan entered politics at 55. And Queen Elizabeth II is a dynamo at 93. Examples of individuals who have chased their dreams late in life seem to be all around, yet stereotypes about the limitations of age often overpower those. In her new tabletop book, Being Bold Not Old, A New Generation of Role Models, author Wallis Pattisonn takes aim at those biases and calls on seniors to change their mindsets and instead, show younger people what aging can really look like.

At 73-years-young, Pattisonn is certainly the epitome of her book title. She dresses in bold colors, wears plenty of bling, sports a trendy chic hairstyle and has dubbed herself as “advocate and influencer for an age positive movement.” In fact, she is the founder of the Bold Not Old Movement, spending her days – and many nights too – speaking to senior groups and hosting events for seniors about embracing age, pursuing passions that had been on hold, and using accumulated experience and wisdom to inspire others. The new book is a natural extension of those efforts.

And with the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years expected to nearly double between now and 2050, her subject matter is certainly timely.

“My greatest joy is when a young person tells me they want to be like me when they are older. I believe aging is an opportunity to strut our stuff and share the skills and knowledge accumulated over a lifetime,” said Pattisonn. “My book is intended to motivate seniors to take a fresh look at themselves and see their potential as part of a a new generation of role models. We can be a powerful presence in a world that would benefit from seeing age as something to embrace.”

“When we allow society to influence our lives and our thinking, we perpetuate decline and bad news.  Aging can be a new adventure into creativity and wisdom sharing and I am delighted to carry the torch for that new way of thinking,” she added.

Being Bold Not Old, A New Generation of Role Models is available at for $59.95 AUD. For more information go to or @wallispattisonnboldnotold on Facebook and Instagram.

For media inquiries, contact: Wallis Pattisonn at [email protected] 

Source: Bold Not Old

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