KaVo Kerr Introduces Take 1™ Hydro™ VPS Impression Material for Accurate First-Make Impressions

Featuring a host of innovations, Take 1 Hydro makes impressions to the next level of detail, accuracy and simplicity.

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updated: Oct 1, 2019 04:00 PDT

​​​​​​​KaVo Kerr unveils its next-generation VPS impression material for better-fitting restorations: Take 1™ Hydro™. Featuring one of the industry’s lowest contact angles at ≤10° on uncured material, Take 1 Hydro allows clinicians to push impression materials deeper into the sulcus to capture better margins and minute details, free of voids and distortions. 

“For dentists, clinical staff, the laboratory, and patients alike, having to retake impressions or make adjustments because of flaws or ill-fitting restorations is a huge source of frustration,” explains Yoshita Chaudhri, Marketing Manager at KaVo Kerr. “With Take 1 Hydro VPS impression material, we’ve made it easier for clinicians to take accurate, detailed impressions on the very first try.”

In addition to the extremely low contact angle, Take 1 Hydro offers highly durable and elastic material that provides excellent dimensional stability. This minimizes shrinkage during handling and shipping, resulting in final crowns that better match the patient’s preparation. Take 1 Hydro also uses an advanced surfactant formula that breaks down moisture barriers between the preparation area and impression material. 

With its many advancements, Take 1 Hydro is the future-proof VPS solution for today’s digitally driven practices. “Digital scans do the job for most impressions, but certain situations need the deeper reach of a VPS impression material,” says Yoshita. “Take 1 Hydro’s deep reach allows material to render details below the gingival tissues that digital scans can’t always see. So doctors can get the full picture for better-fitting restorations on the first take.”

“We recognize that no two intraoral situations are alike, and different doctors have different preferences,” adds Kim Dyer, Director of Product Management at KaVo Kerr. “To meet those varying needs, Take 1 Hydro offers a curated selection that simplifies the doctor’s choices.” These include regular and fast set times and options ideal for challenging intraoral situations, such as full or partial edentulous impressions, full arch restorations, as well as single- and multi-unit applications. For the ultimate moisture displacement and accuracy, dentists are recommended to combine Take 1 Hydro with KaVo Kerr’s versatile Take 1 Retraction paste, which also launched earlier this year.

To learn more about Take 1 Hydro, visit https://go.kavokerr.com/Take1Hydro or contact KaVo Kerr at 800-KERR123.

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