IMG GlobalSecur Announces New Post on Privacy and Employee Travel Safety Apps

IMG GlobalSecur offers the award-winning FoneTrac travel safety app. Amidst growing concerns about privacy while traveling, the firm is announcing a new post on travel security apps and privacy concerns.

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updated: Oct 1, 2019 01:00 PDT

IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international travel security consulting firm at, is proud to announce a new post on privacy and travel safety apps on its FoneTrac website. The post highlights some of the important issues HR managers face when selecting a best-in-class travel security app for employee security including itinerary monitoring. Most businesses and HR managers must be transparent when it comes to privacy issues in contrast to government agencies and law enforcement personnel who face a different institutional environment.

“The privacy relationship between employer and employee needs to be transparent,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “Our new post highlights some of the different issues that government agencies face when dealing with international travel vs. employers who are seeking a ‘win/win’ and transparent travel security app solution that is also mindful of privacy concerns.” In fact, he continued, “FoneTrac is purposely designed to be ‘user-driven.’ This means that the App and backend are unaware of a traveler’s exact location unless they press the ‘Check-In’ or ‘Panic Alert’ button.”

What this means is that the app is “position-locating” rather than “travel monitoring,” providing a happy medium between employee privacy concerns and the technical needs of the app to be able to help in the event of a security concern. This innovative feature has propelled FoneTrac to be one of the most popular travel security and itinerary monitoring apps for employees in the ecosystem.

To view the new post on travel security and privacy concerns, please visit the FoneTrac blog post at  Persons who want a robust overview of the features of the travel security app can visit and those who would like to know more about the GlobalSecur backend can visit HR managers and employers are encouraged to reach out for a demo, as demos are available on the FoneTrac travel security app, as are one-on-one consultations. Journalists and bloggers are encouraged to reach out to the company for commentary on emerging privacy trends vis-a-vis international travel security.


Here is the background of this release. Employees and international business travelers are increasingly concerned about privacy while traveling. The Chinese government, for example, is facing criticism about their “social credit” system which relies heavily on technology and plays quite loose with citizen privacy. Even the U.S. government is using biometric and facial-recognition technology at points of entry, and the post references external discussions about the efficacy and ethics of these efforts. Finally, when it comes to technology, social media giants like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google are facing more and more criticism about how they use user data. For these reasons, HR managers and employers can be confounded when, on the one hand, they need to improve employee travel security and itinerary monitoring software and yet, on the other hand, they do not want to run afoul of employee concerns about privacy. For these reasons, IMG GlobalSecur is announcing a new post to their blog on travel security app privacy issues and encouraging HR managers or employers to reach out for a consultation. With some foresight, a happy medium can be found between privacy and security for international employee travel. 


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