FTC Announces Agenda, Panelists for Upcoming Internet of Things Workshop

AGENDA 8:30 Opening Remarks
Edith Ramirez, Chairwoman, Federal Trade Commission 8:45 “What Is The Internet of Things?”
Keith Marzullo, Ph.D., Director, Division of Computer and Network Systems, Directorate of Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering, National Science Foundation 9:10 Contextual Privacy
Carolyn Nguyen, Ph.D., Director, Technology Policy Group, Microsoft Corp. 9:30 Panel One: The Smart Home
Moderators: Mark Eichorn, Assistant Director, FTC Division of Privacy and Identity Protection Ruth Yodaiken, Senior Attorney, FTC Division Privacy and Identity Protection

Panelists: Michael Beyerle, Marketing Manager, Innovation, GE Appliances Jeff Hagins, co-Founder and CEO, SmartThings Craig Hefner, Vulnerability Researcher, Tactical Network Solutions Eric Lightner, Director, Federal Smart Grid Task Force, Department of Energy Lee Tien, Senior Staff Attorney, Electronic Frontier Foundation

11:00 Keynote Speaker
Vint Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google 11:45 Lunch 1:00 Remarks
Maureen K. Ohlhausen, Commissioner, Federal Trade Commission 1:15 Panel Two: Connected Health and Fitness
Moderators: Kristen Anderson, Staff Attorney, FTC Division of Privacy and Identity Protection Cora Tung Han, Senior Attorney, FTC Division of Privacy and Identity Protection

Panelists: Stan Crosley, Director, Center for Law, Ethics and Applied Research in Health Information, Indiana University Jospeh Lorenzo Hall, Chief Technologist, Center for Democracy & Technology Anand Iyer, President and COO, WellDoc Communications, Inc. Scott Peppet, Professor, University of Colorado School of Law Jay Radcliffe, Senior Security Specialist, InGuardians, Inc.

2:45 Panel Three: Connected Cars
Moderator: Lerone D. Banks, Technologist, FTC Division of Privacy and Identity Protection Karen Jagielski, Senior Attorney, FTC Division of Privacy and Identity Protection

Panelists: Todayashi Kohno, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington John Nielson, Managing Director, Automotive Engineering and Repair, American Automobile Association Kenneth Wayne Powell, General Manager and Senior Executive Engineer of Electrical Systems, Toyota Technical Center Christopher Wolf, Founder and co-Chair, Future of Privacy Forum

3:45 Panel Four: Privacy and Security in a Connected World
Moderator: Maneesha Mithal, Associate Director, FTC Division of Privacy and Identity Protection Ben Davidson, Staff Attorney, FTC Division of Marketing Practices

Panelists: Ryan Calo, Assistant Professor, University of Washington School of Law Dan Caprio, Senior Strategic Advisor and Independent Consultant, McKenna Long & Aldrige, LLC Michelle Chibba, Director, Policy and Special Projects, Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario T. Drew Hickerson, Assistant General Counsel and Senior Director of Business Development, Happtique Marc Rogers, Principal Security Researcher, Lookout, Inc.

5:15 Closing Remarks
Jessica Rich, Director, FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

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