At-risk youth get a fresh look and a fresh start

Dominique Jackson is the first in Villanueva’s chair, getting his edges cleaned up to bring his locks back to life.

“He was passionate about it, he cared, and he took his time,” says Jackson about his cut. “That’s all you need, with anything: time, patience and care, especially with my magic locks.”

Jackson, a security guard at the Chase Center and aspiring entrepreneur, is building a website and looking for new connections to support his vision for a fashion brand. 

“I feel better to go give this resume and my cover letter to this job down the street,” Jackson says. “I feel presentable, and I feel good. I got my hair trimmed today and I met great people.”

Holloway is getting ready for an interview, and knows appearance is a part of that. “[My hair] was long enough to where it was looking like Wolverine,” he says. “[The haircut] definitely got me to put myself in a different headspace and get ready for work.” 

“It’s taken a minute for me to get here,” Holloway says. “It brings a smile to my face honestly. I know this is partly what they’re looking for, they’re looking for your hair to be nice and neat. And it’s not just for the job, but it definitely feels great.”

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