DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) has introduced a new online course, Building Strategic Agility, designed to equip leaders with new skills, tools and instincts in order to navigate today’s complex business environment and create more agile organizations.

“The exponential rate of change and complexity in the market is stretching organizations and business models to their breaking points,” explained Duke CE CEO Michael Chavez. “A new, more comprehensive strategic paradigm is needed — one that uproots long-held assumptions about markets, organizations and people. This paradigm requires new approaches to strategy, innovation, data and decision-making —approaches that are more exploratory, entrepreneurial and adaptable. In this new world, the leader’s role has also transformed from directing through authority to shaping cultures that enable speed and flexibility in teams.”

To address this need, Duke CE has unveiled a multidisciplinary approach designed to help leaders build organizations that fit with the greater levels of impermanence in the market. Building Strategic Agility brings together a cadre of world-class academics from several institutions and real-world practitioners with a wealth of leadership and industry experience.

Michael Canning, Duke CE’s Global Managing Director of Innovation and New Commercial Models, said: “In this course, leaders come away with an understanding of the agility imperative: the speed at which the markets, organizations and their people change and evolve. With this foundation, they are able to build more strategic agility into their businesses and become faster and more resourceful themselves.”

The offering can be accessed and scaled in numerous formats including online, blended and face-to-face experiences. Learn more at http://www.dukece.com/courses/building-strategic-agility/.

About Duke Corporate Education

Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) is the premier leadership development institution in the world. Duke CE works with organizations to design and deliver experiences that activate learning and transform leaders at all levels so they can be catalysts of transformation in their organizations. The Financial Times has ranked Duke CE in the top three worldwide in custom education for 19 consecutive years.

Duke CE is a blend of a business and university — but distinct from both. From the business world, we bring an outcomes-driven focus on client service and real world insight into the challenges leaders face. From our university heritage, we bring academic rigor and research. Duke CE is part of Duke University, a top-ranked global research university. www.dukece.com

SOURCE Duke Corporate Education

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