HOUSTON, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — As the Holiday season nears, E-commerce retailers are experiencing active security leaks which can cost them thousands of dollars. To prevent such leaks and make the shopping experience more exciting GSPANN has launched products and services enabling better and safer online shopping experiences.

According to Naresh Reddy, an AEM Expert and E-commerce solution architect at GSPANN, Adobe’s Experience Manager (AEM) enables companies to lessen their dependence on third-party components which in turn makes their platforms more secure, easy to use and interesting for the user.

He further stated that Adobe provides users with layered security, hence ensuring that they can safely sell their products on a platform that is not just safe but also attractive and easy to use.

Reddy – who has worked closely with e-commerce stores like macys.com, Kohls, Willam-Sonoma and Columbia Sportswear to name a few – believes that AEM helps marketers deliver branded personalized shopping across platforms.

According to him, e-commerce has changed the way we are doing business, “it has encouraged so many young entrepreneurs to try a hand at their own business, it’s so amazing meeting these young people who are so motivated to establish their own brands,” he said while talking about how he trains young entrepreneurs on how to manage their e-commerce stores.

Reddy also states how difficult it is for e-commerce sites to maintain both the security as well as the traffic in the sites, especially for startups based in developing countries like his own. “Protecting your e-store from leaks and theft is not always easy, so before launching your own store online it would be a good idea to use AEM, to enhance user experience as well as platform security,” said the three-time GSPANN Eagle Awardee, who is working on several projects helping companies improve user experience on their e-commerce sites and protect them from falling prey to vultures who are waiting to rob them.


GSPANN is Headquartered in Milpitas, California (U.S.A), it provides consulting and IT services on how to transform their businesses by helping them optimize their IT capabilities, practices, and operations with our experience in retail, high-technology, and manufacturing. With four global delivery centers and over 1400 employees, we provide the intimacy of a boutique consultancy, with the capabilities of a large IT services firm.


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