Community Banking Conference 2016 Highlights

January 5, 2017

Community Banking Conference 2016 Highlights



The FDIC is providing highlights from the Community Banking Conference held April 6, 2016 themed Strategies for Long-Term Success. Four conference panels discussed the community banking model; regulatory developments; managing technology challenges; and ownership structure and succession planning. In addition, the FDIC is sharing information about steps taken to-date in response to issues raised at the Conference.

Statement of Applicability to Institutions With Total Assets Under $1 Billion: This Financial Institution Letter shares information that may be of interest to all FDIC-supervised Community institutions.


  • Given the vital role community banks play in the U.S. financial system and economy, the day-long conference drew more than 250 community bankers and other industry participants.
  • Four separate panels explored the following critical challenges for community banks:
    • Viability of the community banking model
    • Regulatory developments as they pertain to community banks
    • Ways that technology affects community banks
    • How community banks are managing ownership structure and succession planning
  • The FDIC has taken steps to respond to issues raised at the conference. The FDIC:
    • Hosted a panel discussion at a meeting of the FDIC Advisory Committee on Community Banking about the millennial generation and their banking preferences.
    • Conducted three outreach meetings with more than 100 industry participants to provide guidance about the formation of de novo institutions.
    • Issued for public comment a handbook for organizers of de novo institutions, describing the process of applying for federal deposit insurance and providing instruction about the application content.
    • Hosted a meeting with representatives of the industry and educational institutions to explore opportunities to partner in developing the next generation of community bankers.
  • The FDIC recognizes the critical role that community banks play in the U.S. financial system and remains committed to helping community banks address existing and emerging challenges.

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